Deríque Hanché (My “French Photog” Alter Ego) – Let’s speak english…ok?

“17”…That’s the age when I got my very first camera. Click. Snap. Just like that, I was in love.

Creative.  Outgoing.  Detailed.  Funny.

I started out as “That Guy” who always had a camera everywhere I went. That led to being labeled the “official photographer” at parties, events and clubs.  It wasn’t until I decided to start my own business 8 years ago that I found my passion for capturing the most precious memories in peoples’ lives, and how fulfilled I felt from doing it!  Now, I can’t even imagine what else would make me happier!  I am a self-trained “Image Maker” specializing in live events, lifestyle, portrait and boudoir photography.  Along with photography, I have also been doing video work for some time now and have jumped further into it with the advent of an efficient DIgital SLR video workflow. It’s a great time to be a photographer AND videographer.

Why should you hire me?

Hiring a photographer is a very personal thing. I’ll be straightforward with you. There’s a chance I’m not the photographer for you. It really depends on who you are and what you are looking to accomplish.  I find that one of my best assets as a photographer is that I make people relaxed and feel at ease….a trait that is absolutely imperative to the client/photographer relationship. That being said, I would LOVE the opportunity to be the photographer for you.

Do you have a studio?

Yes, I have TWO…one I setup here in Vegas and the “other” one…..it is located everywhere!  I shoot at any location and I prefer to use urban and scenic locations for my photography. I do however feel very comfortable in a studio and I can shoot whatever you need in any environment. Owning my own studio is great but I’m happy with whatever the world provides as well…

Do you do your own editing?

AS A RULE! I have always done my own post production, and unless you represent a magazine, I will never release unedited work. I have developed relationships with several retouchers in the industry and if the project deems is necessary I have that outlet as well.


I retain Copyright on all my work. I will license you with the appropriate rights depending on your booking so that you can use the images and print them as you wish, but the original RAW files and copyright remains my exclusive property.  To me capturing the emotion and interaction between people is an incredible and moving experience, photography is not just a profession to me but a passion.  Capturing fleeting moments in time and helping to chronicle peoples’ lives not only for them but for generations of their families to come. That is what continues to drive me to excel and maintain my passion.

Contact me and let me share my passion for photography with you.  I enjoy capturing those magical moments that make a photo stand out and pop. Whether you are in need of a new set of headshots, a sexy boudoir session for that special someone. or if you have the need for someone who will go the extra mile for you on your wedding day, I am at your service.

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